EMS Technologies

Hybrid & Laser packaging

The package types range from TO-Can, Butterfly package, to Box build type.

  • Die Attach: Eutectic & Epoxy +/- 1 um accuracy
  • Wire Bonding: Ball & Wedge Deep access
  • Optical Alignment & Attachment Active/Passive
  • Hermetic Sealing & Leak Test
  • Burn-In & Functional Test
  • Special equipment like AMIGRA

High precision Die Attachment
Eutectic with wide range of solder alloys Thermocompression , thermosonic and ultrasonic Adhesive and UC Curing Better than 1µm postbonding accuracy

High precision  Wire Bonding
Ball bond & stud bump with Au and Al wires Wedge bond with Au and Al wires Ribbon bond

Optical Alignments & Attachments
Submicron accuracy Laser welding, laser soldering, adhesives and mechanical testing

Hermetic Sealing
Seam welding,laser welding, glas sealing, and soldering

Burn In & Functional Testing