Focuz Your Solutions to outsource Manufacturing

Focuz Your Solutions to outsource Manufacturing

Focuz was founded in 2009 by CEO Dr. Teera Achariyapaopan and
offers complete service from design support to finished and tested products for
prototypes, small and large volumes to industrial, biomedical/healthcare and
automotive application.
Focuz is based near Bangkok and has about 630 employees including 60 engineers. A new plant will be opened end of 2020

Advantage working With Focuz

  • Excellent quality at optimized prices and reliable delivery support
  • Supply chain management and shipment to any country
  • Thailand has a better cost structure than China and no sanctions from US
  • Thailand has free trade agreement With countries in Asia (China, India etc.)
  • Focuz offers dedicated lines With highest IP protection.


Key Expertise:

  • Hybrid Assemblies & Packaging
    Lasers, photodiodes, image sensors, MEMS, sensors, LIDAR etc.
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cords
    FC, LC, SC, E2000, MTP/MPO, Prizm etc.
  • Optical Assemblies
    Passive components, amplifiers (EDFA), CA TV splitter box etc.
    TOSA/ROSA, transceiver, AOC, Optical HDMI & USB cables etc.
  • PCBA and Box Build (including RF/Microwave, Power electronic, etc.)
    All package types: 01005 passive pBGA CSP, COB, Flip Chip PCB, etc.
    Bond technics: IPC workmanship standard, leadfree etc.

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